Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 27 Club is NOT About the Saturn Return

If you're like me, you've probably been wondering all day about what might have killed Amy Winehouse. Was it a suicide? An accidental overdose of who-knows-what? Was it all the years of crack? All the years of alcohol abuse? All the years of eating disorders?

I decided to pull out my tarot cards and I kept getting cards pointing to food (maybe her eating disorder(s)) and drink (alcohol). Weird, huh? I would have suspected the crack. Maybe my tarot cards are malfunctioning. They do that a lot.

But one thing I wanted to talk about was this idea of a "27 Club." Everyone keeps wrongly attributing the phenomenon to the Saturn Return. Your Saturn Return doesn't hit til you are 29, or maybe even 30! It never starts at 27. The deaths at 27 cannot be related to the Saturn Return. Not really.

What does happen at 27 is something called the Progressed Lunar Return. I didn't understand it's significance until it happened to me. It's hard for me to imagine that this period would make anyone want to self-destruct. During my lunar return, I felt better about myself than I ever have. I felt complete. It's like an emotional awakening of sorts. BUT. . .and this might be the key, I felt more emotionally vulnerable than I ever had in my life. It's just that the feelings I experienced were mostly pleasant. I have the same problems as anybody else, but I am not a deeply troubled, self-destructive person. I'm mostly emotionally healthy, with a good foundation. The Moon rules your family, mother, emotions, fertility, and so on.

But I think these troubled rock stars (and others - the 27 club is not exclusive to famous people) might get cracked wide open during this time. People with Lunar problems in their charts are prone to addictions. That's the first place you look to when you see a self-destructive, addictive person - what's going on with their Moon? Addictions are about stuffing feelings. In the progressed lunar return, they can't be stuffed.

That's the best explanation I can think of.

Some people say the Lunar Return prepares you for the events that will take place during your Saturn Return. I'm not so sure I see how that would astrologically make sense, but I can say this was absolutely, bizarrely true in my own life. The events on the exact day of my Progressed Lunar Return are directly related to the events the occurred during the exact week of my Saturn Return.

So those are my thoughts on the 27 Club. It's about the Moon, not Saturn!

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